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Chile Travel

There are many ways to have fun in your vacation. Here is a link that will show you how.

This website has been created to facilitate the traveler who is visiting Chile for the first time or has traveled there before but has not ventured passed their hotel rooms. I was born in Chile and currently live in North America but travel to Chile consistently for 2 months every winter (which is summer in Chile.)

Chile is a very long, narrow and beautiful country in South America, that stretches to approximately over 4,300 kilometers from the northern boarder with Peru to Antarctica. Chile is surrounded by the Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific ocean to the west. Travel and tourism in Chile has been booming over the fifteen years and for good reason.

If you travel to "Norte Grande" aka the Great North of Chile consists of the northern most city in Chile which is Arica down to Atacama. The Atacama desert is the driest desert on the planet and is a great place to visit. This region is just filled with natural beauty and if you love the sky approx 70% of the world observatories are located in Norte Grande and "Norte Chico."

If you travel to "Norte Chico" aka the Little North starts from Copiapo to north of Valparaiso which is just a little over an hour away from the capital of "Santiago de Chile." A must stop would be "Bahia Inglesa" aka English bay. La Serena is another hot vacation spot and drive an hour into the Andes mountains and you will find Valle del Elqui which specializes in exporting fruits to world along with many wineries and Pisco tours. 

The capital of Chile is "Santiago de Chile", which is a lively metropolitan city with almost 7 million inhabitants. 
Santiago de Chile is nearing the population size of New York  City and this surprises many who travel to Chile. NYC has its "sex in the city tour" and Santiago also offers romance but with charisma, charm and character for those who seek to travel there. Santiago is surrounded by the Andes mountains that are covered in snow six months of the year. Tourists from all income levels can enjoy staying in there many 5 star hotels to affordable hostils located all over the city. Communities like Providencia, Lo Barnechea, Vitacura, Las Condes offers all the luxuries and beauty that any prosperous city in the world would envy.

There's lots to do if you travel to Santiago de Chile and if your adventurous type you can head to the many top rated ski resorts located deep in the Andes mountains but within a 35 minute drive from Santiago. If your the romantic type and like wine head to San Jose Maipo, which is also located in the Andes mountains and also just 15-20 minute drive from Santiago. If you like fresh seafood you can head to "el Mercado Central" and taste the very best Chile has to offer. You can enjoy eating the largest king crabs in the world to the famous Locos that are highly prized and protected.

If you decide to travel and make Santiago de Chile your first stop you will not help but notice how cosmopolitan this beautiful city has become. It doesn't matter where you stay, the Andes mountains will be an imposing background backdrop.

  There is a great book that you can purchase that will make your experiences during your vacation better. This book is called "That Will Guide You to Have The BEST Experiences on Your Vacation to Sint Maarten/Sint Martin "

Chile is a vast and beautiful conountry. This is what you would see, if you come and visit Chile. The landscape varies and that is what makes Chile beautiful.
If your camping, hiking or trekking in Chile here is a good  backpack to consider.
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